Dr. Paul Jones - The Legend

Painless Paul

In 1967 Dr. Paul Jones started a modest neighborhood dental office in Southwest Washington, DC focusing on family dentistry. Over 40 years later Smile Beautiful Dental remains in the same location, serving neighborhood families and the entire District with the same caring and innovative approach that characterized its founding.

Patient comfort was Dr. Paul Jones’ guiding principle. Known as “Painless Paul”, he instituted techniques and procedures that are now standard curriculum in dental schools throughout the United States. From having a television set in each operatory to using hypnotism to make patients overcome their fear of the dentist, innovation has been his trademark. There is a sign in the reception area that reads, “We cater to cowards.” This sign has been in our reception area for over four decades and continues to exemplify our office goal to provide a stress-free atmosphere for all patients.

Dr. Paul Jones’s gentle manner and innovative approach made him a much sought after mentor for younger dentists. One of them, Dr. Charles Sanders, even went on to become dean of Howard University Dental School. Dr. Daniel P. Jones, who spent his formative years helping around the office, later followed in Dr. Paul's footsteps.

Drs. Paul and Dan

Dr. Paul Jones served as a professor at Howard University Dental School in the late 60’s and early 70’s. His students and colleagues remember him as a dentist ahead of his time.

Drs. Paul and Daniel Jones worked together for almost ten years as a father and son team. While under Painless Paul’s mentorship, Dr. Dan learned how to make all patients feel at ease while providing high quality care. Combining a soft touch with the latest in dental technology, Dr. Dan is carrying the tradition of “Painless Dentistry" into another decade. His father couldn’t be prouder.

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